The 2mm that went against David Warner

(kapilan krishnamoorthy)

Hawk-Eye has explained the mechanics behind the David Warner lbw dismissal in the second innings of the Bengaluru Test, which to the naked eye seemed a dubious “umpire’s call” on the point of impact.

commentary of the call:

9.1 83.0 kph, lbw first ball. Long long chat, and they decide to review. Warner doesn’t look convinced, but he has reviewed it. Warner has picked a ball too full to sweep and is beaten. The question is, has he got an edge or has it straightened enough? This is pitched outside off, the ball has straightened, and I don’t see any part of ball in line. However, the machine is showing “umpire’s call”. I don’t know how. I must be wrong, but I will need an explanation from somebody here. Don’t see any part of ball in line. They show umpire’s call. Both on impact and the stumps. On many more replays, perhaps one mm of the ball hit him in line. Oof 42/2
Australia ended up losing that review, and that quite possibly cost them later on; they would likely have challenged a Shaun Marsh lbw call if they had both their reviews in hand, and, as replays showed, Marsh would have been allowed to bat on.

Australia’s official Twitter handle tweeted an image of the Hawk-Eye projection of the Warner dismissal.