Over 75,000 affected in North & East weather conditions

The Department of Meteorology says that the flood waters in the Northern Province have receded with the reduction in rainfall.

However, the heavy rain which stormed through the Northern & Eastern provinces left over 75,000 people affected. Around 1465 families currently live in 14 different welfare centers which have been set-up in Kilinochchi.

Flood waters completely destroyed 25 houses and left 414 houses damaged.

Over 55 000 people living in Killinocchi have been affected by the adverse weather in the area.

There are 1465 families who have been located at 14 welfare centers that have been set up in the area.

25 houses have been destroyed as a result of floods and 414 have been damaged.

However, the MET Dept. says that several areas in Jaffna, including Wadamarachchi, has experienced an increase in rain.

According to the Minister of Disaster Management Ranjith Madduma Bandara, meals and dry rations are being provided to those affected “without any problem”. He stated that only one death has been reported thus far, thanks to the quick actions of the tri-forces and the police.

“There are houses that are damaged and destroyed. The government will take steps to restore these houses.” – He added.