After the Father figure Chelvan you are the god sender to save the Tamil people! Deceived Vasaavilan people to Chief Minister (Photos)

We came up with the a dream of going back to our soil have been deceived. After Father Chelvanayagam hands were pointed at you that you will save the Tamil people. Please take action to resettle us in our own lands. This was said by the Vasavilan people belonging to the Higher security zone in the northern parts of Vali with tears to Northern Province chief minister C.V.Vigneswaran who made a visit to this area.

A few days earlier, the Vasavilan Tamil people were granted permission to have a look at their 197 acres of land for the resettlement. However, only about 22 families had the opportunity to visit their land and remaining which were supposed to be released are still under the military.

Rest of the people returned disappointed. In this case, according to the request made by these people the CM yesterday afternoon made a visit to the Vasavilan area when these people made this request.
According to the people, 266 families have been recorded for resettlement. But only lands of 22 families have been released. The remaining of the lands, continues to be under the army control.

As a result of this we will have to continue to stay in the camps, relatives and friends homeland rental houses and face the financial risks. So please give us back our homes, the people made a request with the CM.

The CM answer the following,

They told that they will resettle in 3 weeks time and it has been one and half months. But the people have not been fully resettled in their own lands. In this situation, why there is difference in opinion in relation to resettlement between the government and army? There is a suspicion in this.

The Chief Minister has said that they will talk in relation to this crucial issue with president and will notify the solution. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister made visit to the released areas of Vasavilan and East.