Book launch Event in Scarborough

Mr. Kula Sellathurai is a well known person in the Community. He has been actively involving in many sectors like business, Community Development, Cultural activities and Leadership Training.
Today he became an Author by writing a Book named “Action Leads To Success” and the launching took place at the Delta Toronto East Hotel in Scarborough. The event was very successful and Kula was highly blessed and encouraged by everyone atteded.
Mr. Ganeshan Sugumar was presenting the copies of Book to Invited special quests and other invitees. On the stage Kula Sellathirai, his wife and and co-Author Mr. Raymond Aaron was there when he was honoured.
Canada Uthayan News Unit was there and we all were excited to see the the success of of our Dearest Friend “Kula” and support he had gained from the community.

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