Dead body of a young boy tied with stone retrieved from a well in Jaffna! – Who are brutal killers? (Photos)

One young boy was retrieved dead from a partially constructed well located in Sampoor-07 division which is under Trincomalee Sampoor police section. His body and stomach was tied with a big stone when retrieved today early morning at 00:10 AM.

This young boy is identified as Gugadas Darshan who is 6 years old and belonging to Sampoor-07 division. It should be noted that he just joined 1st grade of his education this year only.

More on this incident,

This young boy was playing with his brother and other friends in the region. When his brother went out to a shop, a young boy from the near by house has come there to his house in the evening.

After some time passed after this incident, the mother of dead boy searched for her child. Because she could not locate her child even after 5:30 PM, she reported this to police. When the police and other people together searched for this young boy, he was seen dead inside.

Many initially thought that he got slipped and fell inside the well. Hence they informed this to the concerned official A.J.A. Noorullah who is in charge for enquiring on sudden deaths. He could come only after some time because of the distant location he was in at the time when he received the call.

After he had enquiries with the people there, he arranged one person who can get into a well and retrieve. When that person went inside the well at mid night around 00:10 AM and come out, there was a big shock awaiting for the people gathered there.

They got shocked on seeing a big stone tied to his stomach. Confused by whether he was murdered and then tied in the stone before being thrown in the well or he was tied to the stone and then dropped inside the well, Sampoor police started serious investigations. The dead body is placed near the place of this incident itself.

Only after the investigation by Magistrate, the dead body can be sent to Trincomalee hospital for further inspection.

— Thoppur reporter M.N.M. Buhari