Decline in the effectiveness in US Resolution shocks Tamil community in Sri Lanka

bishop rayappu joseph
The report by Navi Pillay on need for international investigation and  USA-sponsored rights resolution against Sri Lanka tabled at the UNHRC over its alleged rights abuses during the war will carry tougher language originally has now been backfired. This sudden change of USA has shocked the tamil people.
The hope that US amendments would bring justice to tamil people now has raised the concern of disappointment, as per Bishop Rayappu Joseph. He also further said that it looks as if USA and United Nations are not needed for resolution to this human rights problem.
In relation to this he has elaborated his opinion,
Bishop indicated during his meeting that more detailed investigation has to be carried out by UN Human Rights Council. The comments  on draft prepared for UN Human Right Council  by USA lack many important aspects stressed. The report prepared by Navi Pillay on human right violations committed by Sri Lanka government and need for international investigation as recommended by US brought hope for justice. But the sudden weakening of US resolution has   shocked Tamil community now.
Though the report submitted by Navi pillay on war crimes matters and need for international investigation has been clearly stated. However the motion brought by US has not recommended any such proposal. Therefore, this issue will be a matter of disappointment for Tamil people.
Even though there was a proposal to Srilanka to investigate its own human rights violations issue, there are problems in that. That is what happened till now. Srilankan government is indicating that it carried out such investigations in the past, but the reality is that nothing happened till now and it complicated most of the issues. Because of these reasons only, the Srilankan Tamil community is expecting that international management is needed on investigation related to these issues.