Heroine suspect arrested in Beruwala

Another suspect connected to heroin trafficking in the coastal area of Beruwala has been arrested.

During a joint operation on the 6th of December, the Police Narcotics Bureau found heroin worth over Rs.2700 million on a multi-day fishing trawler off the coastal areas of Beruwela and Balapitiya. The haul of heroin weighed over 231Kg.

Police said of the five suspects who were on the boat two suspects were arrested, One suspect is a 38-year-old individual named Dilip Susantha, while the other is a 34 year named Mohamed Rizvi Mohamed Farzan. They were detained and interrogated for seven days.

The latest suspect is a 56-year-old resident of Monragalla.

The police further reported that the suspect was arrested in a raid carried out in Payagela. The suspect is to be interrogated over the next 4 days under detention orders.

During police investigations, it was revealed that the drugs were packed in Pakistan.

The owner of the trawler which was used to transport heroin is currently in remand custody.