In historic Karaitivu Kannaki Amman temple, Maha Kumbabishekam is held on 26.03.2014 (Wednesday) (photos)

In historic Karaitivu Kannaki Amman temple,  Maha Kumbabishekam is held on 26.03.2014. Related works such as Oiling the statue were held on Monday and Tuesday. Prior to that all the temple works have started on Saturday (22nd March) morning. The main priest for Kumbabhishekam Siva Shri Kumara Vigneswara Gurus started the activities related to divine  Kumbabhishekam and pooja at 5 AM in the morning.

The temple in renovated and looking in elegance because of Kumbabhishekam and divine spirit can be found everywhere around the temple. Maha Kumbabishekam is going to be held on 26.03.2014 morning at 10:30 AM. It is going to be mainly concerning new deities placed in the teample Parivaramuthys and Raja Gopuram. After Kumbabhisekham, free food (annathanam) is also planned. Moreover Mandala Poojas will happen for 48 days after Kumbabhisekham.

In the eastern regions, worshipping Kannaki Amman is a very famous affair. People from across the regions in India and Sri Lanka have built temples for Amman including Kannaki Amman and Durgai Amman in many places of these countries. Since the sindhu region times, worshiping Sakthi has been an important affair for the Tamil community in the world. There are temples for these deities built in Sri Lanka especially in Eastern and Vanni regions.

Moreover Kannaki worshiping is important in Sri Lanka because the last Tamil King ruled Eelam was having a capital of Kandi and that is an important place for Kannaki worshiping. That is the reason, these festivals and prayers are emotionally attached with the living and culture of Tamil community.

There are plenty of ancient Tamil literature that details the majesty of these deities in songs and scripts. The photos of the Maha Kumbhishekam are attached here for divine pleasure of readers.


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