Karu clarifies his stand on reconvening parliament

Former Speaker of the Parliament Karu Jayasuriya says that his recent tweet with regard to reconvening of the parliament was not a proposal to reconvene the Parliament, but an endorsement of steps to democratically solve a looming issue, made in good faith and in the name of the country.

Jayasuriya pointed out that, through a recent Twitter message, he expressed his view that reconvening the parliament was a timely democratic step that involved all stakeholders to reach a consensus in the current situation.

This was in response to a majority of Opposition MPs of the dissolved Parliament requesting the President to reconvene the Parliament.

They made this request in order to avert a constitutional crisis and in doing so, they pledged to fully support the government to overcome the pandemic, in the event of it being reconvened, said the former Speaker.

However, Jayasuriya says his position, unfortunately, was ‘crudely’ misinterpreted by some.

He said that, in his capacity as the former Speaker of the dissolved Parliament, he will not reconvene the Parliament unilaterally and contribute to aggravate the emerging constitutional dispute.

He further said that he, cognizant of his national responsibility, is bound to uphold the constitution and to act as per the verdict of the judiciary.