Kota engages in discussions with Chinese president

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and Chinese President Xi Jinping have discussed the matter over the phone.

China’s CGDN News Service has released this information.

During the conversation, the Chinese president appealed to the two countries to pursue realistic cooperation on a number of issues, while implementing preventive measures to control the corona virus.

The Chinese President said that the two countries should advance important cooperation programs in a systematic manner.

The Chinese President said the two countries should strive for high-quality development in order to jointly build the new silk road project.

The Chinese President also said that China will support and support Sri Lanka.

The Chinese president has said that the Sri Lankan people will soon be free from the virus.

The President of China thanked Sri Lanka for its support in the event of China’s fight against the corona virus.

The Chinese President also noted that China will cooperate with Sri Lanka to ensure that the World Health Organization continues to play an important role in the fight against the corona virus.