Minister Sathyalingam now makes the historical researchers to have a debate of Pandara Vanniyan history


During late Dutch rule and the early British rule, the last king in the Vanni land who fought for the freedom till death is the great King KulasekaramVairamuthu Pandara Vanniyan. The life history drama was held on 6th July in the Vavuniya Cultural hall  and was performed by the Mullai artists.


During this event, the special guest Northern Provincial Health Minister Dr. P.Sathyalingam said the following in his speech:
“I have seen the drama that took place here. The drama artists have portrayed that the Pandara Vanniyan King was betrayed and killed by Kakkaivanniyan, a small regional king. But that is not the truth. There is no king with the name Kakkaivanniyan in the history. It is simply a fictional character created”.


Historical Synopsis


Pandaravanniyan ruled from Mullaitivu to Varrappalai Amman Temple in an area of about 2000 square miles with several village surroundings. He ruled as king with the help of his Minister, brother Kayilayavanniyam and commander of the state, his youngest brother Periya Mainar.


He had only one sister name Nallanachal. She fell in love with the person who taught her Arts. At the same time, another king Kakaivanniyan who ruled in some other nearby land wanted to marry her. In this situation, he sent a proposal to Pandara Vanniyan repeatedly, but Pandara Vanniyan rejected the proposal.


One day when the king Kakkaivanniyan came to know about the love of the Naachiyaar with a poet in the garden, he sword fights with the poet and in that the poet wins and sending Kakkaivanniyan running. When this news reached  Pandara Vanniyan, he realizes that the poet is from a royal family and approving the love of his sister.


When Pandara Vanniyan refused to pay tax, the British tried to invade but they were unable to do so and returned back. Because of the personal rage with the Pandara Vanniyan, the Kakkaivanniyan joined hands with the British. Then also British failed to win many times.


Even when his brothers and ministers adviced Pandara Vanniyan not to believe Kakkaivanniyan, Pandara Vanniyan  with the motto of “Forgive and forget” had welcome him. After that, as already planned with British, Kakkaivanniyan tricked Pandaravanniyan and the British killed him in Oddusuddan in Karsilaimadu. Even now when some one acts as a trusted person and cheats, people in Eelam used to ask, “Do you belong to Kakaivanniyan family?”.


In 1736 AD, the book “Jaffna Vaibavamalai” written by Mayilvakanappulavar, in 1985 the book “The War history of Tamils in Sri Lanka” written by first journalist Pavai Chandran, the historical epic book “Payumpuli Pandaravanniyan” written by Kalaingnar M. Karunanidhi, the book “Adankappurru (Vanni) Part-2 Pandara” written by senior journalist Aruna Chelladurai, the book “Evathaavar History” written by Dr.A. Gunarajah, all these books mentioned are based on the history specified above.


But the Minister Sathyalingam, like an imaginary bird Phoenix has said now that the creation of Kakkaivanniyan imaginary character in history was to stress about betrayal.


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