Neethan Shan wins Scarborough-Rouge River debate (Photos, Video)

Scarborough – NDP candidate for Scarborough-Rouge River, Neethan Shan, won tonight’s Rogers TV all-candidates debate.  Shan laid out his concrete plans to fight for Scarborough, on transit, hydro, and healthcare.

“The people of Scarborough-Rouge River are tired of waiting for Kathleen Wynne.  She has disrespected families here by breaking her election promises.  Scarborough needs a fighter now,  someone who lives in the riding and understands what people here are going through. I will fight for good local jobs, lower hydro rates, our hospitals, and finally getting our Subway built,” Shan said.

Kathleen Wynne’s candidate defended Wynne’s record of ignoring the people of Scarborough, the Hydro One sell-off, and her broken promises.  Shan thanked Raymond Cho for his years of service, but noted that the Conservative candidate was silent throughout the debate and failed to fight for Scarborough.

“People and families in Scarborough-Rouge River cannot afford to have another Kathleen Wynne backbencher who doesn’t speak up for Scarborough while their hydro rates skyrocket, they wait longer in the emergency room, and there are no new jobs in Scarborough,” Shan said.

“We do need to thank Raymond Cho for his many years of service, and for trying, but it’s time to get the job done.  We need a fighter to get the respect that Scarborough deserves.”

Neethan Shan lives in Scarborough-Rouge River with his wife Thadsha and their two sons.

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