No truth in rumours on the influenza virus: Karapitiya Hospital Director

A special team has been deployed to further examine the initiatives that should be taken to contain the virus that is spreading in the Southern Province. The team has been deployed on the instructions of the Health Services Director General. The Health Ministry has instructed the people to adhere to health safety methods.
The Health Minister has given instructions to the authorities concerned to provide all facilities required by the doctors to treat those who are infected with the virus in the Southern Province. Accordingly action was initiated to provide ten hyper Oxygen machines to the Karapitiya Hospital.
Dr. Jayampathi Senanayake Director of the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital said that various numbers were cited with respect to those receiving treatment with regard to influenza patients. But he said th
Dr. Jayampathi Senanayake Director of the Karapitiya Teaching Hosat these were incorrect. As such it had been found that the people had been frightened due to these figures. As the Director of the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital said he wished to mention with responsibility that only seven deaths had been reported in the Hospital. There are five deaths confirmed through tests and specialist doctors consider that the other two should be included to this category. Therefore the total number of deaths reported in seven.
Following the Rapid Test conducted by his hospital they have identified 12 had been positive. They have sent 67 to the MRI. Of this it had been found the 22 were positive. The Hospital Director said that no one should entertain fear about it. Also the decision to close the schools should be taken by the Epidemiological Unit after making inquiries about it. As such sending children to schools should be decided based on the decision taken by the Epidemiology Unit than depending on other opinions