Pathfinder releases National Security Strategy 2020 for Sri Lanka

The Pathfinder foundation, an independent think tank has developed a national security strategy (NSS) with a view to enable Sri Lanka to meet present and future challenges. The document is to be submitted to the President, Prime Minister and all presidential candidates.

The foundation has highlighted a number of key recommendations for national security. The NSS recommends that Sri Lanka engage in a ‘high wire act’ to balance the influences of China, India and the United States, in order to safeguard the fundamental interests of the country.

The NSS highlights the need for an efficient and effective system of security and vigilance spearheaded by a competent intelligence service. However, the foundation warns that such a system should not lead to the infringement of the rights of citizens.

The Pathfinder Foundation’s NSS also calls on officials to examine the merits of Vietnam’s ‘multi-directional foreign policy’ taking into account that global powers are considering defense-related arrangements with Sri Lanka. It also calls for the creation of a National Security Council, a permanent secretariat and the appointment of a National Security Advisor competent enough to discharge the responsibilities of the office.

The complete National Security Strategy 2020 for Sri Lanka can be viewed here.