Petition requesting prevention of Presidential election dismissed

The petition filed by the Former Mayor of Galle Methsiri De Silva requesting an order to cancel the Presidential elections have been dismissed by the Supreme Court. Yesterday (October 3) the petitioner requested an order to prevent the Elections Commission from holding the Presidential election on the 16th of November.  The petition was called before the three-member Judge panel, consisting of Wijth Malalgoda, G.Pathman Surasena, and Gamini Abeysekara.

The lawyer appearing on behalf of the petitioners requested the court to grant permission to withdraw the petition as they do not hope to continue with the petition. The panel rejected the petition and warned not to ridicule the judiciary.

The petition carried that the general public elected the current President in 2015 for a tenure of six years. It further stated that after only five years of the President’s tenure the Elections Commission has issued a gazette notification announcing the presidential elections.