Protestors abandon JO protest amidst repeated requests of its leaders to remain till dawn

The protest march organised by the joint opposition titled “Jana Balaya Kolmbata” was abandoned last night at around 11.30 pm. (September 06).

Despite the leaders of the JO inviting its supporters to stay till dawn, the crowds had started leaving. Police say that the roads are clear and that the public wouldn’t be inconvenienced today.

Groups of protesters that arrived from various parts of Colombo marched to the lakehouse roundabout last afternoon (September 05) with former president Mahinda Rajapaksa leading the protest.

The former president left shortly after reaching the lakehouse roundabout, however, other ministers attached to the JO remained with the crowds which had gathered. Later, at around 8 pm, the former President addressed the crowd.

He stated that they are prepared to even remain till dawn holding the protest and that a huge responsibility lies with them to change the manner in which the government functions by coming together to topple the government.