Punishing Sri Lanka is not the intent of the Confederation – Sampanthan


Punishing Sri Lanka is not the intent of Tamil National Alliance Confederation, Parliamentarian Chairman ER. Sampathan said. The resolution to call for UN Human Rights Council sessions was not to order penalizing Sri Lanka, he pointed out.

Sri Lanka goverment’s lack of interest, and insincerity are the points, he intended to refer. The Sri Lankan government is strong and stable in taking decision but instead of working on accountability and justice, Sri Lanka has chosen to hide behind the curtain of sovereignty and non-interference. The main aim of the Tamil National Alliance is find the truth and give justice and provide a perfect political solution plan.

He stressed that a plan has to be presented for distribution of power. Northern Province Governor said that there is no personal antagonisms. However, the military and government officials involved in the election campaign for governor appoint someone  that was not acceptable, he said.

The soldiers stationed in the North has been interfering in public affairs. He pointed out that the provincial system is necessary to be fully implemented.