Raymond Cho won in the the Scarborough Rouge River Provincial Mid-Term election: Is it the beginning of changes?

Raymond Cho won in the Scarborough Rouge River province Mid-Term election. This is the first time a Conservative Party member won this constituency which long been won and retained by Liberal party since 1999.

Mid-term election was held in this constituency on 1st September after Paas Balkison who was a elected member of the constituency from 2005 resigned from his position in the month of March this year.

On behalf of Liberal Party Piragal, Thiru contested in this constituency and on behalf of NDP party Neethan Shan contested in the constituency. The details of votes are as below.

177 polls reporting out of 234 polls

Cho, Raymond PC Party of Ontario 7,625 39.35 %

Thiru, Piragal Ontario Liberal Party 5,690 29.37 %

Shan, Neethan Ontario NDP/NPD 5,142 26.53 %