RISE UP FOR HUMAN RIGHTS : Human Rights Day celebration took place in Toronto

The Human Rights Day celebration, organized by the Toronto Youth for Human Rights  group, was held this week at the Ontario Science Center. The event opened up with youth marching and waving their country flags to the music  of “Rise Up”; the theme  of their event being “Rise up for your Human Rights”.

The purpose of the Youth for Human Rights International campaign is to teach youth about human rights, specifically their 30 human rights, as proclaimed under the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and inspire them to become advocates for tolerance and peace.

Various entertainers, prominent community leaders, human rights activists and award recipients contributed to reinforce the message on the value of knowing one’s human rights and in turn educate others so they too can benefit from having this knowledge.

Award recipients were Dr. Sheridan Cyrus, arts educator Bernadette Taylor-Dolha and youth community leader, Abeir Liton. They were all praised for the outstanding work they do in their community to promote human rights education.

Performers included world-renown electric violinist, Dr. Draw, who captivated the crowd with his performances. The main speaker Sheik Habeeb Alli, author, scholar, poet and educator, touched the audience with specific examples of human rights violations around the world and encouraged members of the audience to become more active in working together to make changes for a better world.

Ms. Daphne Magna, the Toronto Creative Director for the Youth for Human Rights group, encouraged everyone to get involved and make their voices heard by broadly promoting these 30 human rights.  As an example, she suggested it would be a valuable action to prominently display a large framed copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in every school lobby.

The Youth for Human Rights Toronto Director, Ms. Nicole Crellin, read a very inspiring letter of support to the YHR campaign organizers, written by Craig Scott, Toronto-Danforth MP.  He is a lifelong human rights advocate in Canada and internationally as well as a professor of International Human Rights Law for some 22 years.

On December 10th, Human Rights Day will be celebrated in many other parts of the world with people now becoming more aware of the meaning of this special occasion and reaching to learn more about what their 30 basic human rights are.

Ms. Crellin thanked the Church of Scientology for its support in distributing inspiring and lively series of audiovisual and printed human rights educational materials, including lesson plans for educators. The website www.youthforhumanrights.org offers more details.


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