Sathosa rice deal : Inter-Company Employees Union says they possess evidence of fraud and corruption

The Inter-Company Employees Union says it has evidence with regard to the corruption and fraud said to have taken place at Sathosa. Wasantha Samarasinghe, the convener of the Inter-Company Employees Union said losses are in the tune of billions of rupees.

Speaking on the 2015 program to control the price of rice across Sathosa outlets, he said the 65,000 metric tonnes of rice was imported in 2015 and was left in the port storage facility until 2017. Later it was sold off as animal feed.

He alleged a kilogram of rice imported at Rs. 70 and was eventually sold off as animal feed for Rs. 35, adding Rs. 548 million was paid to the port. Samarasinghe further said Rs. 2.2 million was paid monthly citing payment for 40 people for security provided to Sathosa outlets.