SLC taken back three years” – Thilanga Sumathipala

A committee has been appointed to make the necessary arrangements to hold elections at Sri Lanka Cricket. This was revealed by Buwaneka Herath, the Director-General of Sports. He stated that the committee was appointed based on the input from clubs with the right to vote.

According to DG Herath, the committee comprises of three officials;

Appeal Court Judge Chandra Jayathilaka
Former High Court judge I. M. Abeyrathne
Former Education Secretary Sunil Sirisena
Meanwhile, former Secretary of SLC Nishantha Ranatunga told the media that the level and standards of cricket have fallen “very low”. He also said that the financial management is “not very good”.

“When we played, we didn’t do it for money” – he added.

The former Chairman of SLC Thilanga Sumathipala also spoke to the media, saying the team has been brought back to the place it was three years ago. He said: “They removed managers during the series. They accuse players. There are a lot of problems. Even our main bowlers have accusations levelled against them”

Sumathipala also said that the very people who reached out to the courts with 7 points against him have now cleared his name, enabling him to contest.