Sri Lankan legal action against Jasmine Sooka

It has been reported that Maj. Gen. Suresh Sally, Director of Sri Lanka’s National Intelligence Service, is seeking legal action against Jasmine Sooka, director of the International Truth and Justice Project.

Maj. Gen. Suresh Sally, through his lawyer, has sent a letter to Jasmine Sooka and her organization regarding the matter.

Commenting on the letter, Basan Weerasinghe, counsel for the investigating officer, said, “You have issued a statement alleging various defamation charges against Major General Sally.

These slander allegations have created a situation where the motivated forces are trying to endanger the intelligence officer.

He has received various awards for Major General Sally’s character and for his outstanding performance.

However, Jasmine Sooka’s statement on the International Truth and Justice Project’s website about Sri Lanka has had a major impact on the character and dignity of the intelligence officer.

Therefore, Jasmine Suka should avoid making slanderous comments in the future. If this is not accepted, he will be prosecuted. ”