Super Singer Jessica got great reception from Tamils in the world on her return to Canada at Toronto Airport (Video, Photos)

After winning the Super Singer Contest Eelam Tamil student Jessica arrived in Canada. A large number of Tamils gathered at Toronto airport with enthusiasm to welcome Jessica.

In the famous Super Singer Show in Vijay TV, Jessica won 1Kg of gold as a 2nd prize. She donated the gold for the development of the orphanage Eelam Tamil children. Through her good deeds she has made a home in the hearts of Tamil people and returned to her home in Canada.

A large number of Tamil people gathered at the Toronto Airport to welcome Jessica. After coming out of the airport she received grand welcome. Praising Jessica they also carried hand written placards.

Jessica said about this,

I am very grateful to everyone of the Tamil people who came to welcome me. I truly did not expect so many people to gather at the airport to welcome me. I am extremely grateful to the people who supported me at the Super Singer event. I also thank the media for their support, she said.