The attack on Jaffna District Cricket players condemned – Vavuniya District Youth Parliament Member J.M. Jawaz speech


Ninth session of the Parliamentary Youth of The National Youth Services Council was held on 25th and 26th July. In the issue of Jaffna District Cricket players attacked by the Hambanthotha players in Hambaha, with the premission from th Speaker, the Vavuniya district Parliamentary Youth member J.M. Jawaz gave a special speech condemning the attack.


In his speech, he said that the graduates and young people who are supposed to maintain peace and unity in Sri Lanka are acting in such a cheap way is not acceptable. So the National Youth Services Council should investigate and provide fair justice to this, he said.


Moreover in way to condemn this act, the Jaffna district Youth and Parliament members have announced to the national media that they are going to boycott this session. National Youth Services Council have promised to work for these four types of obligations on Unity, cooperation, friendship and development.


This action has not only shamed, but insulted the friendship and unity. The Youth Services Council have always tried to create racism-free country. The National Youth Services Council should take a smooth solution in this direction. I will serve towards my target till the end, he concluded in his speech.