The rainy season has arrived! Kiliveddy Sampoor camp residing people to face massive human troubles (Photos)

Many people who were displaced because of the war from Trincomalee district are residing temporarily in shelter camps for a long time in Kiliveddy Sampoor. They are living in the middle of various inconveniences already and they are looking forward with anger thinking about whether the administration will improve their living sheds or not. Now rainy season also has arrived. During last rainy season, they just went ahead with leaking roof.

They are asking with desperation whether they are living place will be corrected before any disaster happens. In the mean time, about 300 families who are living in temporary shelters in village welfare camps Sampoor Kattaiparichan have made a request with Government chief officer. Their shelters are going to be corrected now after 5 years.

Moothur divisional secretary N. Pradeepan has announce that more than 230 temporary shelters there will be corrected soon under the management of Ministry of Resettlement. Hence the similar expectation also has arisen with the people who are living in temporary shelters at Kiliveddy.

Image and News: V.R. Sahadevarajah