The third International Muruga Spritual Conference – 2016 in South Africa (Photos)

The third international Muruga Spiritual Conference – 2016 held for the past 5 to 7 days in South Africa’s Durban city in a grand way.

Malaysia Thirumuruga Thiruvakku Thirupeedam with South Africa Muruga Bhakti Centre jointly organized cultural festivals, spiritual speech and essay writing competitions among hundreds of pilgrims arrived from many parts of the world, intellectuals and academicians.

Malaysia Thirumuruga Thiruvakku Thirupeeda Chief Hon. Balayogi Swamikal, South Africa Muruga Bhakthi Peeda President Dr. Saraswathi Padaiyachi together organized this three-days conference events. In this event, several research papers were presented in Tamil and English.

On the last day event of the conference, it was decided that the Fourth International Muruga Bhakthi Conference will be held in 2018 in Sri lanka and the responsibility were entrusted with identified office bearers including representatives of the Hindu Resettlement and Rehabilitation Ministry, Jaffna University Sanskrit Department Head Padmanaban, Special invitees Jaffna University Chancellor Prof. Padmanabhan, Dr. Chandrika Subramanian.

Other important delegates participated in the event include Thanjavur University Vice Chancellor Dr. G. Bhaskaran, Indian Parliament adviser Dr. B. Ramasamy, Spritual Spokesman M. Sivakumaran and Mr. Uma Maheswaran. There was also a CD published on the book written by Dr. Chandrika Subramanian.