University has been closed by military to prevent students from celebrating Mullivaykkal memorial day – Student Union accused


To prevent from holding commemorative events that took place during the final stages of the war in Mullivaikal and to stop from allowing to pay tributes to the heroes, the military has ordered the Jaffna University administrators to temporarily close the University, the Student Union leader said.


However, the Student Union said that in some way or other, they will pay their respect to Tamil relations who have died during the war. Yesterday without any reasons, Jaffna University has announced that the educational activities will not take place. Accordingly from 16th to 20th May, no activities will take place in the University premises, the University registrar announced.


“Students Notification” was published in the university notice boards and also notifications have been circulated yesterday, signed by them.


In the notice it is further said,


“Educational activities for students will be temporary closed from 16th May to 20th May. During this period the students staying in the hostel will also have to vacate. The educational activities will commence from 21th May and the students can return to their hostel from 20th May after 12:00 in the afternoon.”


When asked about this to a representative of the University Student Union, they strongly condemned the sudden action taken by the university administration. For the safety of the students, the university has been closed, University Vice Chancellor, Professor Vasanthi Arasarathnam said. But the real reason for the closure of the University has not been revealed. A student representative said with anonymity.

At the end of war in Vanni, lot of Tamil people have died and to pay tributes to them, 18th May of each year is marked as World Tamils Mullivaykkal Memorial day and is practiced everywhere. For past years, on this Memorial day events were held in the Jaffna University. This year the military have ordered the university to be close from 16th to 20th May, so as to stop the students from remembering  Mullivaykkal Memorial day on 18th May and arranging any events in Jaffna University, University Student Union has alleged.

For similar reasons, on the Mahaveerar Remembrance day in the month of November also, they closed the University, Student Union has pointed out.